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Tony Reale is available for hire as a Director, Cinematographer, Gaffer, or Marketing Consultant, along with having an extensive supply of camera, audio, support, and lighting gear available for rental.

Tony is an award-winning Director and Cinematographer with over 10 years of experience in commercial, corporate, and film production. He is also owner of one of the top video production studios in Wisconsin, Creative Edge Productions.

Tony founded NextWaveDV as an educational resource for new filmmakers. Today it has nearly 100,000 subscribers and over 10 million total views.

Edge VR Arcade is Green Bay Wisconsin’s only Virtual Reality Arcade. Tony and his team have created a fun and exciting location-based entertainment venue for people of all ages.

Catering to the rapidly growing world of esports, Tony and his team created Edge Gamers Lounge as the main hub in Green Bay for the competitive video gaming community. EGL features a large gaming center, restaurant and bar, as well as a complete studio fully equipped for esports broadcasts.

Split Screen Gamer is Tony’s gaming YouTube channel that combines the fun of local multiplayer gaming with reality show comedy.